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Inspired at Acpapp induction ceremony

Updated: May 17, 2023

THE Association of Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice (Acpapp) made sure to not let anyone experience a boring induction ceremony on Jan. 31, 2023 at the New World Hotel in Makati City. It hosted a lively and memorable event that inducted a new set of directors, chairpersons and their respective members that would lead Acpapp with this year's theme "Harnessing Potentials; Fueling Growth." The ceremony featured jovial mood and captivating speeches from the outgoing and incoming presidents of Acpapp and renowned guest speakers.

The event was kickstarted by the energetic welcome remarks of Acpapp past president Donnies Alas. This was followed by two soulful song renditions from Yolanda Rotap, a member of the Membership and Development Committee, who serenaded the participants during dinner.

Gladeys Jill Santos, the 2022 Acpapp president, certainly left an impression when she delivered her valedictory address. She walked us through a series of achievements that the association had accomplished during her incumbency. It was inspiring to hear her speak of the collective accomplishments of the Acpapp members, such as the drastic increase of Acpapp chapters across regions, who helped her achieve last year's theme: "Above & Beyond: Scaling & Sustaining Relevance." Santos has shown that each achievement serves as a stepping stone for the next leaders of the association, tangible or intangible. Her thoughtful reflections served not only as personal validation but also as an inspiration to look ahead to what could be accomplished in years yet to come. Santos' night was topped by a leadership award from Acpapp for her accomplishments recognizing her invaluable contributions.

Afterwards, an inspirational message was given by our guest speaker, Noe Quianola, chairman of the Board of Accountancy. His speech centered on the need for accountants to adapt to changes which are aimed at improving the quality of audits through Quality Assurance Reviews that are for implementation next year. He also thanked Acpapp for its continued advocacy and professionalism in helping the accountancy profession.

One of the most anticipated part of the event was the acceptance speech of the incoming 2023 Acpapp president, Romualdo Murcia 3rd, who started his passionate speech by starting it with his story as a boy who came from a small island in Bohol with limited opportunities, which according to him, could have easily diminished his aspirations. However, Murcia chose not to falter. His speech embodied this powerful sense of hard work and determination, and inspired many who found themselves in similar predicaments to believe that success is possible if one is able to commit to the task set before them. It was a robust reminder of humility in the face of triumph. His inspiring story serves as a shining example for us all!

The message of the 20th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Hilario Davide Jr., was undoubtedly one of the most memorable highlights of the event. His captivating speech kept the audience engaged, and he even elicited chuckles throughout with his witty remarks. One comment that left a lasting impression was his reference to the oath of Acpapp being significantly longer in comparison to that taken by the president of the Philippines. His speech also provided meaningful insight into what Acpapp truly represents, redefining it as Accountants Committed in the Pursuit of Accountability in Public Practice. The audience was certainly delighted to have him, a man of integrity and honor, whose words resonated long after he left.

Last but not the least, the night was capped by the closing remarks of past president Wilfredo Baltazar. It was truly an inspiring occasion that displayed Acpapp's passion not only in recognizing its new officers and members, but also for acknowledging its members' hard work and commitment to excellence.


Jessica Mae Gois, CPA is the audit manager of Paguio, Dumayas and Associates, CPAs (PDAC)-PrimeGlobal Philippines and a member of Acpapp. The views and opinions in this article are hers and do not represent those of PDAC and Acpapp.

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