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Exploring the impact of one sentence

AS I began my journey into the workforce, filled with excitement to fulfill my dream of becoming a certified public accountant (CPA), I was filled with aspirations and eagerness. My professor's words echoed in my mind, promising that "one signature and you'll be wealthy." However, as I dipped myself in the world of accounting, I soon realized that this wasn't entirely accurate.

The path to success as a CPA was far more nuanced and challenging than a single signature could promise. Along the way, I encountered realizations that reshaped my perspective. It often felt like time was slipping through my fingers. The pressure to excel and provide for my family weighed heavily on my shoulders, driving me to push myself beyond my limits.

Yet, with each passing day in the profession, I found myself gaining a deeper understanding of the details of the CPA industry. Every challenge presented an opportunity for growth, and I was constantly evolving both personally and professionally. It was during these moments of reflection that I was struck by the impact of a single sentence — a truth that had the power to transform my entire outlook on life.

Now, as I reflect on my journey, I am reminded of the effect that one sentence can have on our lives. It is a testament to the power of words and the importance of remaining open to the lessons that life presents us with. So, I ask you, dear reader: What is one sentence that has changed your life?

Allow me to share a one sentence that shaped my own journey.

"It's better to lose a minute in life than to lose your life in a minute."

Once, as I rushed through the bustling streets of Makati, desperate to catch a bus and avoid being late for a meeting, a stranger's words halted me in my tracks. As I prepared to dart across a street against the flow of traffic, consumed by my obsession with punctuality, the stranger's voice cut through the chaos. "Don't risk your life to save 10 seconds." At that moment, a reflective realization washed over me. The urgency of my quest for punctuality paled in comparison to the value of my own safety and well-being. It was a single sentence, uttered by a stranger that changed my perspective on time, patience and the importance of prioritizing life over fleeting moments of urgency.

"The smarter you get, the sadder you become."

In a world buzzing with intellect and ambition, our sharp minds lead us to foresee undesirable outcomes and be cautious of potential pitfalls ahead. We observe mistakes and shortsightedness clearly, feeling disappointed by the flaws we see. Despite our intellect, we yearn for the simplicity of ignorance, but we feel trapped by our own intelligence. Although we appreciate our gift of knowledge, we miss the innocence of ignorance and the ability to live without constantly thinking about consequences. As we grow smarter we realize that with knowledge comes a reflective sense of responsibility and awareness, but also a burden of sadness that weighs heavily — the realization that the smarter we became, the sadder we felt. For in a world where ignorance is bliss, the pursuit of knowledge often comes at a cost — a cost that could not escape, no matter how much we longed for the simplicity of naivety.

In conclusion, it's remarkable how a single sentence can have the power to shape our perspective, alter our priorities and guide our decisions. Whether it's a piece of wisdom from a stranger, sparked by self-examination or a simple yet truth that rings deeply within us, these sentences can change us. Let us remain open to the wisdom that surrounds us, for it is often in the unexpected moments and fleeting words that we find the greatest insights.


Camilla Mae Cornico is a partner of AS Beltran and Associates CPA and holds the position of President within the PICPA Cavite Chapter for the fiscal year 2023-2024. The views and opinions in the article are the author's and do not represent those of these institutions.

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