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ACPAPP Accounting Bulletin

ACPAPP Accounting Bulletin No. 04-2023 I March 31, 2023

PIC-Q&A-No-2022-04.pdf ( This circularizes Philippine Interpretations Committee (PIC) Questions and Answers (Q&A) No. 2022-04, PFRS 9 Business Model Assessment Practical Issues dated January 12, 2023. PIC Q&A No. 2022-04 is intended to provide guidance in applying the business model assessment of PFRS 9 in practice. Impairment of non-financial assets - common mistakes ( This In brief applies to all entities with significant non-financial assets that are required to be tested for impairment under IAS 36. Set out below is a refresher on some basic concepts on impairment of non-financial assets, and reminders on those aspects of the value in use (VIU) methodology where common mistakes are made.



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ACPAPP is a united professional organization of CPAs in public practice that promotes professional excellence and ethical practice towards providing relevant services to the business world.

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